Stobbe Group strategy

Stobbe Group is the umbrella for 2 Swiss mother companies with Danish subsidiaries all operating in a league of its own. The management of Stobbe Group coordinate the research, development, manufacturing, sales, services. And supply pharmaceutical industry end-users, contractors, and Process-Control-System (PCS) suppliers with ground-breaking technologies.

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Stobbe Group are continuously looking for ways to improve services and processes. Feedback from our internal audits, customer audits, and project reviews help identifying opportunities for improvement. Put simple - it means ‘getting better all the time’.

Stobbe Group has one owner (shareholder), no investors, no bank loans, no bank credit, no dept - and as to such Stobbe Group are simple to collaborate with and highly trustworthy. This based on the simple wish that through our better technologies we will all benefit from reduced medical product end-user prices. Since 2007 the impressive investment in the Stobbe Group portfolio reached >32 mio Euro. We believe in our own and our kids future.