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Stobbe Group – reduce up-stream risk

– by developing, customizing, manufacturing and market advanced innovative up-stream systems for micro-organism (mammalian cells, bacteria, yeast) expression of Mono-Clonal-Antibodi's and mammalian Stem-Cell proliferation for a multitude of therapeutic applications.       

Products divided into these groups

  1. World only Continuous Cultivation system - cultivation at high cell density of suspended or adherent mammalian cell lines for expression of antibodies and proliferation of stem cell harboured in porous scaffold - www.prolifecell.com - replacing the m3 batch bags currently in use
  2. World only low-risk Semi-Continuous cultivation - perfusion at high cell density of suspended mammalian cell lines - www.perfusecell.com - replacing conventional high-risk perfusion systems with our low-risk 
  3. World only customized Batch & Fed-batch SUBs - for cultivation & fermentation of suspended cell lines / micro-organisms in SUBs & SUFs ranging from 1/4 liter to 30 liter Vessel Volume - www.cercell.com
  4. Advanced Single-Use-Mixer's - for viral vectors, plasmid and mRNA product manufacturing - ranging from 1/4 liter to 30 liter Vessel Volume - www.cercell.com
  5. World only configurable Process-Control-System - bio-process Drive Systems, sensor systems for a variety of pharma applications - www.cronus-pcs.com - communicates with Lucullus, DeltaV, DASware via UPC-UA.
  6. World only fully programmable, scalable, high accuracy LASER guided diaphragm Single-Use-Pump - www.pumpcell.com - www.perfusecell.com 


3 Litre SUB In RUJ On MST Ultra A3 Liter Customized SUFCronus Tower CompleteMany MSD SubsCellretention Mini In HSF

Stobbe Group design, customize, manufacturer in Europe and market advanced bio pharmaceutical systems globally

500 Ml On MST Driven By KollmorgenCellretention With AccessoriesBactovessel 3,2 Model 25 3110HPD In RUJ With Drive500 Ml SUB Pb 21 0500

Stobbe Group design, customize, manufacturer and market a wide range of products for development and manufacturing