Explain the setup

Stobbe Group consist of several individual entities:

Below illustrated as:

  • Ellipses which represents companies
  • Rectangles that represents IPR and departments
Stobbe Group Structure

For ease of marketing, sales and support divided into these 5 websites

cercel.jpg pumpcell.jpg perfuse cell.jpg cronus pcs.jpg prolifecell.jpg
Configurable batch
Single-Use-Bioreactor's and Single-Use-Fermenter's.
Single-Use-Pump's, 0-3 bar, few mL/hour to 25 liter/min.
Semi-continuous Perfusion ­
Single-Use-Bioreactor for
expression of ­anti-bodies.
Process-Control-System components for PerfuseCell, PumpCell and ProlifeCell.
Continuous Perfusion
Single-Use-Bioreactor for expression and proliferation.

Stobbe Group structural setup of companies, technologies, IPR is mostly of historical reasons. Though it in many ways makes sense to concentrate on individual customers interest. And make life easier for each customer by being more specific around their needs.