The leader of Stobbe Group in brief

Yes – I am the driver! I took all the chances and challenged my life and my health. I spend all the time 24/7 since university with the sole purpose to create 3 company groups within ceramics and the fourth - Stobbe Group focusing on health care / pharma. No hobbies, no deviation, no disturbance ……… this is the only way.

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Per Stobbe - email:

Yes - I am the visionary inventor and product initiator with +30 years of experience within porous materials, fluid hydraulics, mechanics, separation system, electronics, solar power and since 2010 bio pharma production equipment.

In more popular terms – I did the Mission Impossible, I did all the stunts myself, I took all the risks myself, all the investments myself - was it tough – yes

Being alone its hard to create companies and obtain a positive impact. Attract and give altruistic in order to create is needed. One of my biggest achievement and goal in life is continuously to inspire. In particular the increasing amount of wonderful people I am lucky to see being the ever-growing Stobbe Group.

I have created +75 patents and applications, 500 jobs and improved the life for millions of people. For my work I received my part of the prestigious European Community Descartes Prize 2006 for outstanding research.